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Jack's F-100 Truck Stop

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Jack's F-100

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These pages has been designed with the benefit of all Ford truck enthusiasts in mind, with a specific focus placed upon the '48-'52 F-1 and the '53-'56 Ford F-100's. On these pages you will find links to aftermarket performance parts companies, truck clubs, other truck homepages like this one and links to other sites that might prove useful.

Due to this site's increasing popularity, I am currently building several new additions to the site. Expect a lot of changes to the site's look, navigation and benefits for club members as well as those just surfing for truck related information. Become a member NOW by clicking on the link lower on this page and filling out the membership form. It's FREE!

Due to problems with the previous Chatroom Service, this area is temporarily unavailable until I get another service that WORKS!!! Sorry for the inconvenience. Jack.


If you are looking for research resources, then look no further than Jack's Bathroom Necessities, the bookstore with lots of truck stuff!

Modifications Directory
is under construction but you can still check out some of the step-by-step pages!

My current project is a 1955 F-100. This classic will be receiving a large number of custom body modifications that will all be completed in the confines of my own garage. I have started repairs on the rear cab corners. I have also started laying out the first suspension modification: grafting a 1977 Camaro I.F.S. clip. This is one VERY cool mod. that you must "feel" to appreciate. If this particular suspension modification is something that you have been considering, I STRONGLY recommend that you get the Feb. 1996 issue of Custom and Classic Trucks. The step-by-step process
(performed by Mike at Bobco in Lake Elsinore, Ca.)
is excellent. Check it out!


The latest benefit for clubmembers is now available in the Clubhouse! Membership is FREE! Just click HERE and fill out the form.

Now open...The Swap Meet. Buying or selling? This page is at your disposal. Check it out by clicking HERE!

These pages are updated weekly, so bookmark this page and cruise on back again.

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Usual disclaimer stuff: This Webpage is one person's opinion and should not be construed as the official opinions or endorsments of the Ford Motor Co. I love their Old Trucks and since I don't work for the company or any of its subsidiaries, I can pretty much express my attitudes about these products without overly concerning myself about job security.