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The Swap Meet

This page is gaining popularity at an incredible rate, so much so that to make things easier on me, I have separated the pages into a "For Sale" page and a "Looking For" page. Both of which you can access below.

To get your truck in The Swap Meet to sell, or to post a wanted ad...Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

The above also applies to those who are looking for something particular and would like to put up a notice..

Your e-mail address WILL NOT be put on the page (unless you like tons of junk mail in your inbox!!!)I'll pass along interested emails to you so that you can choose to whom you'll write or call.

This is a SPAM-free area. We respect your privacy as much as our own and do not release anyone's e-mail address to anyone. Spammer's...GO AWAY!!!

If you see a truck on this page that you'd like to know more about, send me an E-mail Include any information that you would want to give to the truck's owner, phone number, your e-mail address...etc. I will forward your message to the correct truck owner.

Each "message" will have a code number...include that so that I can make sure your message is delivered to the right person.

Looking For For Sale

Wanted/For Sale Submission Form

What is your name?

What is your E-mail address?

Are you Buying or Selling?

Wanting to Sell
Wanting to Buy

What is the item or items that you want to buy or sell? Be descriptive: 30 words MAX.

What is your asking price?

What is your age?

In which state do you live?

How did you find Jack's F-100 Truck Stop?

Oh, yeah...One more thing...IF you have your own website, please toss me a link and use mine on your pages somewhere..If you are feeling really generous, copy and paste this little banner with the link...Thanks!!!