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They're works of art: box wrenches, open end wrenches, sockets, wire feed welders, plasma cutters, grinders, drill presses the list is seemingly endless and expensive....To build a Hot Rod Truck doesn't mean a second mortgage on the house just to buy tools.. (that's just what we tell our significant others so we CAN go over-board on buying tools)...a few basic tools, the willingness to use some elbow grease and exercising some patience will lead to the same result, just slower....

We've all stared for hours at the BEAUTIFUL Trucks featured in a favorite magazine, dreaming about...How it COULD be mine...Well, reality demands blood, sweat and a goodly supply of elbow grease...NONE of which you'll find here. Instead, I've dug out many of the GEMS that will make your project easier to accomplish.....Remember..a surgeon uses a scalpel, not a rock..

If you can read this, you're not using a JAVA-savvy the latest version for free at Netscape Milwaukee sawzall and Stuff Sears (OAH-OAH-OAH) Discounted Tools

Ok, there's NO getting around it...the more tools you have, the better off you are (and the more fun it is to show off your shop to those friends that think their 101 piece tool kit is REALLY COOL .... Tool links in the near future...ONLY those that are REALLY worth your trouble.

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