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Smoothing The Firewall

The Basic Steps

The first step is to decide if you are going to cut out the old firewall and replace it, or are you just going to weld new sheet steel over the old firewall? I chose to cut out the old firewall mainly because it had so many holes, dings and other boo-boos that I decided that it was the easiest way to go. It turns out that that was the best thing I could have'll find out why later.
As you can see, I have two-pieced the firewall (to make the installation easier for one man and his cat) and have tack-welded in the first half.
Once you have tacked-in the second half, begin jumping around putting tack welds ever couple of inches until the entire piece has been welded in. This cuts down on the possibility of warping.


(NOTE: Since I was already up front with all my tools, I filled in the Cowl Vent as per Pepper's insistance.

I hope you've enjoyed these pictures, there are more details on the way so check back...Jack

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