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Cab Corner Repair

One problem area that is NOT brand-specific and will attack any of our beloved pick-ups..Fords...Chevys...Dodges... is cab corner rotting. Surgery is definately required to put things here we go.

Cut a least 1" past any rust that you find. I went just a bit further because I purchased a very nice set of patch panels that gave me lots of material to work with. You can see what's left of the old cab corner lying on the running board.                         
       From this close up you can see some of the damage made by rust after 43 years. I hope I hold up as well. NOTE: Check out that dent in the frame rail! It's twin is on the other rail in the same spot. I'll be using another frame, otherwise I'd be showing you how to remove these. OK, I'll probably do it anyway, but let me finish my truck first...
The deeper in I got, the more surgery I found was needed. As you can see, the lower end of the door frame has been removed and will be replaced by a piece that I'll fabricate and post a picture of at a later date. I also need to weld in a patch for the old gas tank opening.                            

Check back for more pictures that are going to complete the installation of the patch panels and finish work!

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