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Update Page

Okay. It's a new direction for Jack's F-100 Truck Stop. We have moved from a personal Hot Rodder's Website to one of the fastest growing auto specialty sites on the Web. I have no idea how this has occured but I'm glad to be a part of it.

If you have made it to this page, then you have already filled out the Membership Application Survey. The information is as protected as I can make's all on a stand alone computer, with no connection to anything. That information has been broken down into demographics with no identification of individuals. These demographics are being used to get our Club a variety of discounts and special offers.

I'll be posting updates frequently and am working as quickly as I can to add our own Chatroom, a vendor's page...contests...the fun has just begun. I promise that this site will be like no other that you have ever been involved with before!

Thanks for being a part of this dream-come-true!

Jack Sturgis