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When starting a project truck that includes a variety of body modifications like a top chop, shaved door handles, suicide doors, channeling, sectioning, peaking or any other type of customizing the cardinal rule is simple: does a particular modification work with the overall theme of the vehicle? If it does then measure 800 times cut once, tack weld, measure another 800 times, then finish weld. Triple the number of measurements if you're doing something for the first time.

Having a supervisor helps...

When this photo was taken, "Pepper" was watching with great intrest as I used a Makita grinder on a weld. The noise didn't seem to have much of an effect on him, and I received a suggestion that I smooth out the cowl vent...He spends a considerable amount of time with me in the garage working on the truck...

Follow the links below to see (finally) pictures of the modifications in action...There are more on the way...!!!

Current Body Modification List:

Okay, okay....It's taken me far longer than it should have to get these pictures on for you but (insert your excuse of choice here). You can now see the beginnings of the Top Chop Page and very soon (I promise) the other modifications that you've wanted to see. Some will be a bit longer in coming (Parts ain't cheap!). Anyway, enjoy what I've put up so far and get ready for the rest which should be in place within the next couple of weeks!