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I thought that I'd set up a few examples of my recent artwork so that you can enjoy them too.

Click HERE for the latest images!!! It's a snowmobile hood...

Just click on the image and you'll get a bigger version. To download it, just click on the image with the right mouse button, select "save image as" and put it in a folder that you choose as the destination....


This is a Baby Nursery with a Peter Rabbit Theme....

afterlt.jpg (72576 bytes)  detailrt.jpg (72493 bytes)  afterrt.jpg (92815 bytes)


Then we have this "Bass Boat". When I went to the customer's home, I was expecting something a little bit bigger.....Joke's on ME!

bassboat.jpg (250878 bytes)


Another Baby Nursery with a Noah's Ark Theme....

elephant.jpg (55183 bytes)  Dove-Bird.JPG (67497 bytes)  kanga.jpg (62193 bytes)  monkey.jpg (80992 bytes)


I did this business's logo on the lobby wall....It's about 5 feet tall.

l-star.jpg (447722 bytes)


I love kids with money....The owner of this snowboard wanted something "Wild". Told me to surprise him...Heh, heh, heh...

snowb2.jpg (142536 bytes)   snowb1a.jpg (82213 bytes)


This was painted on a pickup truck's tailgate. The customer's wife had called him "Toad" since they first started dating...Sasquatch would be more in keeping....He's a BIG man!

toad2.jpg (10565 bytes)


Just a few cartoons that gave me something to do when I was stressed...The second image is a detail shot of the first, which I like to call "Demon Buns of Steel".

Wiz.JPG (307280 bytes)  DemonBuns.JPG (268757 bytes)  MeMyTruck.JPG (330146 bytes)  Clowns.JPG (243005 bytes)


This is the piece that I'm most proud of...I painted it on that lady's pick-up bed cover and this picture was taken after she was finished squealing with glee....Odd sound.

horse1.jpg (21198 bytes)   horse2.jpg (43122 bytes)