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Hello and WELCOME as the newest member of Jack's F-100 Clubhouse! Because of your involvement and the involvement of others who have filled out the Membership Application Survey, we are quickly gaining the numbers that we need to get special offers, discounts and other really COOL stuff from manufacturers that will help each and everyone of us with the progress of our project Trucks.

At this point in time, the Clubhouse is still under construction, BUT you are welcome to poke around and see what there is to see. I have provided a temporary password program which will keep non-members from gaining access and security measures have already been installed to deal with SPAMMERS and and other Privacy Pirates. I've dealt with them rather rudely in the recent past....let me know if you have any such problems!

This is your PASSWORD...Club

Spread the word, tell your friends, link to this Website's Home Page and get ready for a VERY unique experience!!!


Click here to enter your Clubhouse Lobby Password (watch your step!):)